DUI Reduction Program

Studies have shown a dramatic decrease in recidivism if a client abstains from alcohol use for a period of 90 days or more. Our DUI Reduction program will assist courts and agencies in reducing their caseload and provide an alternative to incarceration and offer clients the ability to maintain a normal lifestyle.

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Protecting community safety in New Mexico

Southwest Monitoring is the leading authorized provider of SCRAM Systems alcohol and location monitoring products in New Mexico.

We work closely with our customers to help develop comprehensive alcohol and location monitoring programs that are uniquely suited to fit their offender management needs. We strive to set the highest standards for the products and services we provide while reflecting honesty and integrity through a professionally trained staff.

Alcohol Monitoring

Location Monitoring

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SCRAM Remote Breath
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SCRAM House Arrest
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“It was an eye opener. I never realized how much alcohol impacted so many people’s lives in a negative way.”